Unusual, Yet Awesome Pets to Take Care Of

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When you say pets, most people refer to dogs and cats. Those are the two most universal pets, well, maybe goldfish as well. But, there are dozens of animals you can take home and take care every day.

So, here are some unusual pets you might consider taking in.

Miniature Donkey

Have you ever seen a majestic horse? Well, a miniature donkey is just like that only smaller and easier to hug. Other than they pose no threat at little children, they are also just as loving as a dog and curious as a cat.

Important reminder, if you decide to get a miniature donkey, make sure to get at least two. A miniature donkey all alone may suffer from depression that may deteriorate its health. Something we humans can greatly relate to. They are fuzzy, cute, and love to walk around.


Degu is somehow similar to hamsters. They are a small hystricomorpha rodent endemic and very intelligent. Degu are proven to be smarter than hamsters. They easily bond with their owners and they give them little nibbles to show their affection.

Most degu owners have a pet maze at home. They release the degu and see if it can find its way out of the maze for a treat. Now, how is that for a trick?

Two Toed Sloths

It is legal to own a two toed sloth is different countries. However, this pet is high maintenance and is more suitable living in the wild. However, some people took it to themselves to create a home for these animals at their own home.

Two toed sloths are irresistible. Important note, when sloths are moving slow, they are actually more aware of what is happening in their surroundings.

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