Top Books for Pet Lovers and Owners

books glowdoggie - Top Books for Pet Lovers and Owners

Most of us think we know everything about pets. Well, in a way we do. All we really want is to take care of them, make them feel loved, and be best friends with them. That is exactly what they do for us. But, there are other factors to consider when taking care of a pet or pets. We are not just talking about dogs here by the way.

We are talking about all pets out there.

“Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide to Life with Your Cat” by Jackson Galaxy and Mikel Delgado

Cat lovers out there. This book is your key to better understanding your cat and how to better take care of them. Jackson Galaxy, the primary author by the way, is known worldwide for embracing what he calls “the way of the cat.”

This books not only teaches you how to take care of your cat but also gives you knowledge about the different behaviors of cats. You will be taken to the core of your cat’s feelings and thinking. “Total Cat Mojo” aims to help pet owners get to their cat’s core. We are talking about what causes them stress and even sadness.

There are also amazing grooming tips in this book by the way, so you are covered in all fronts of taking care of your cat.

“101 Dog Tricks: Step By Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog” by Kyra Sundance

If you think your bond with your dog right now great, then know that it can get better, a lot better. This is not your usual sit and stay guide book. We are talking about complex instructions to teach your dog.

This book is organized by theme and your dog is sure to learn a lot of tricks once you’ve gone through it from cover to cover. A couple of examples, this book teaches you to teach your dog how to give kisses on command or to play the piano. That’s 2 down and 99 more tricks to go. Now a heads up, many tricks here are difficult to teach and will take more time.

This book will also test your patience and teach you more about it.

“The Guinea Pig Handbook” by Sharon Lynn Vanderlip

Any guinea pig owners out there? First things first, your guinea pig is telling you something all the time. That’s right, if you think understanding a cat is hard then you are in for a surprise with this book.

This book teaches you about the life cycle and anatomy of a guinea pig. You can then take better care of your cute furry friend. Subscribe to Glowdoggie for more or contact us today.