Lighted dog collars
LED dog collars

The Glowdoggie is available in a wide range of vibrant colours and all sizes. No other lighted dog collars offer such variety, quality or choice.

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Glowdoggie™ is a young Toronto-based company, dedicated to bringing only the highest quality products to the dogs of Canada and the United States. Unlike other pet brands in North America, Glowdoggie™ will never put its name on any product made in China. We do this not just as true dog lovers, but as people who believe that responsible manufacturing practices and true, lasting quality are more important than price and profit alone.

The ultimate way to keep your dog seen & safe after dark.

Lighted dog collars, led collars
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Glowdoggie knows that every dog owner wants to

keep their furry loved ones safe, seen and protected –

during the day, but even more importantly at night, when they need our care most.

This is what inspired us to find the world’s finest nighttime safety product and bring it exclusively to the dogs of North America. 

Introducing the Glowdoggie™ LED collar: the German-engineered lighted dog collar that’s revolutionizing the way dogs are seen and kept visible at night.

The Glowdoggie™ is extremely robust, 100% waterproof (not merely water-resistant) and guaranteed to last at least two years. At home in the harshest of climates and used by K-9 Search & Rescue units around the world, Glowdoggie™ LED dog collars are the perfect way to keep your dogs seen and safe, whatever the conditions...along city streets, off leash in the park, on your property, out in the countryside or on the water.

The Glowdoggie’s superior German-made quality and advanced electronics make it, quite simply, the finest lighted dog collar available in the market today. And

we’ll guarantee that you’ll feel the same, with a 60 day money back guarantee and years of personal service

and ongoing product support.

The Glowdoggie comes in 4 ranges: Mini Glowdoggie™,

Classic and Classic+ Glowdoggie™ and the Ultra Glowdoggie™.