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about glowdoggie - About Us

Glowdoggie started out as a small blog created by pet-lover and at that time telephone station repairman Alberto Perkins back in 2012. Perkins was residing at New Westminister, BC when he founded the blog. He got the idea after a visit at the local park that happened to be dog friendly.

Perkins had his camera with him so he started taking pictures of the dogs running around, barking, eating, and going crazy. He then shared the photos with a sweet caption “Saturday well spent” on Facebook.  That photo generated thousands of likes and people were asking him to keep the “content” coming.

Hence Glowdoggie

In August, 2012, he developed the Glowdoggie blog and his first blog entry was a feature article of the dogs he saw at the park. He got their names, interviewed their owners, and took more adorable photos.

It was not just a feature blog, it gave a narrative of the dogs’ background who happened to be stray dogs initially, most of them. Since then, Perkins was out there in search of amazing pet stories to share to the world.

Glowdoggie today

Glowdoggie built on that first ever article it became one of the most visited and subscribed blogs in British Columbia. Perkins partnered with a lot of organizations that allowed him to turn the blog into an online magazine that releases one issue every month.

Glowdoggie now writes content only about pets and for pet lovers.

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