3 Health Benefits of Owning a Dog Proven by Science

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You probably heard the common saying “having a dog at home improves your mood.” Well, that is true and is actually just the tip of the iceberg. According to several studies, being a dog owner benefits us greatly. Not just with our mood, but with our entire wellbeing.

Here is a list of three health benefits proven by science you get from having a dog as a pet at your home.

Social Life Improvement

Your pet dog will not only make your lifestyle a lot better but even people around you as well. It has been proven that dog owners become more sociable and confident when in public. That means dog owners make friends a lot easier no matter their age. It is also proven that dog owners are mostly extroverts but not their entire life. Some are introverts who actually get the confidence to go out there more because of their dogs.

Talking about your dog or someone’s dog is a great way to meet new people. Pretty sure most people across this globe share the love for pets, especially for dogs.

A Healthier Heart

Dogs always fill our hearts with joy. But that is not all they do for us. It is scientifically proven that having a dog at home reduces cholesterol, lowers blood pressure as well as triglyceride levels. All of these means a strong cardiovascular system in your body meaning lowering the risk of heart-related diseases.

There are also data supporting the fact that in case of heart attacks, dog owners have a higher survival rate. Now, you’ll have a new profound understanding when you say your dog fills your heart.

Conquer Depression

Many people suffering from depression find great comfort and happiness from a dog. This is a proven fact and something many of you can relate to. There is enough data to support this fact but not how strongly it applies to people, especially given their different circumstances.

But still, having a dog at home, waiting for you when you walk in the door with a big hug, is always amazing.

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